Three Awesome British Columbia Attractions For Animal Lovers


Hitting the road and finding great travel experiences with your family is always the big test. One great way to do this successfully is to figure out what are some of the specific interests of your family. If you have a family filled with animal lovers, the Pacific Northwest is a great place to be.

British Columbia has long attracted vacationers with all that it has to offer. If you’re planning on going there with animal lovers, here are three places you shouldn’t miss out on.

Vancouver Aquarium

Located right in Vancouver, the most popular destination in British Columbia, is one of the best attractions an animal lover could find in Western Canada. The Vancouver Aquarium is an internationally ranked aquarium that features something for everyone. The aquarium is located right in world famous Stanley Park and is open all year long. The Vancouver Aquarium is home to everything from sea stars to frogs and sloths to whales. There are well over 50,000 different animals there belonging to over 700 species. Kids and adults alike will walk away from the Vancouver Aquarium having had one of the best times of their lives.

BC Wildlife Park

BC Wildlife Park is located just outside the community of Kamloops, British Columbia. It’s conveniently located right on the Trans Canada Highway, which makes it very easy for everyone to get to. There are a number of very cool things to experience there including live performances and demonstrations at the amphitheatre, a miniature train tour of the facility, the farm animal corral, a playground and splash park, and private tours and animal encounters. Some of the many amazing animas that can be seen at BC Wildlife Park include camels, bison, moose, deer, rattlesnakes, black bears, bearded dragons, cougar, bighorn sheep, grey wolf, bobcat, grizzly bears, raccoons, turkey vultures, snowy owls, and tarantulas. This is a first class park that has more than it takes to entertain everyone in your whole family. BC Wildlife Park in Kamloops is a very special place for the animal lover.

Maplewood Farm

Maplewood Farm is located just 10 minutes away from downtown Vancouver. It’s so close, you don’t even have to drive there if you’re staying in the city. You can take the bus. This is the perfect attraction if you’re traveling with small children. This gorgeous little farm setting features ducks, sheep, cows, horses, rabbits, goats, pigs, and more. When you take your kids there they can learn about how a farm works, go on pony rides, view all the animals, hold and pet some of the animals, and even meet the farmhands. There are also a lot of demonstrations that you and your kids can either watch, or sometimes even participate in. Imagine your kids’ faces when they watch cows being milked or get the chance to feed animals like chickens, rabbits, and ducks. This is a high quality and hands-on working farm that will have no problem showing your family a great time. It really is well worth the time to visit Maplewood Farm.