Accent Cruises Gets Your Family Out On The Water In Vancouver, BC


Hunting down that perfect family outing during a vacation is key. You need to make sure that everyone on your trip has the time of their lives. There are some attractions out there that make this a lot easier because they offer an experience everyone will love.

If you’re visiting the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, one thing you won’t want to miss doing is taking a tour of the city by water aboard Accent Cruises. Getting your family out on the water is their job and they offer a number of ways to enjoy your time with them. You can sign up for a dinner cruise, which is always nice. A champagne continental brunch cruise is also available, if that is more what you’re looking for. For a special experience, try High Tea on the High Seas, a way to enjoy the experience that can’t be matched elsewhere. Accent Cruises offer wine tasting cruises too which are very popular. A cruise around English Bay is a nice way to see the city of Vancouver from the water and have a great time at the same time. Accent Cruises also offers holiday themed cruises for Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, and Valentine’s Day. You can also head out on a private charter trip if you’d like and see the city at your own pace and with only the people you’re with. There are a lot of different ways to enjoy the water around Vancouver aboard Accent Cruises and regardless of which one you choose, they will take care of you.

A lot of tours of a city will show off landmarks, immerse you in the hectic action of the streets, and let you get a feel for the layout of the city. A cruise on water though not only lets you see the city from a perspective that few get to, but you also get to enjoy time out on the water. Your family’s time spent with Accent Cruises could be some of the best times of your vacation.

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