10 Awesome Family Friendly Attractions In Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria Family Friendly Things To Do

Victoria is one of the Pacific Northwest’s most unique cities. If you’re lucky enough to go there, you’ll find plenty to do. If you’re traveling with family, which many of you are, you’ll also find a lot to do too. Here are just ten of the best things to do in Victoria for the whole family.

The Inner Harbor

The Inner Harbor in Victoria is a great place for the whol family to get down along the water. Enjoy the comings and goings of the local watercraft, find something tasty to eat, and there is even the occasional local celebration or festival too.

Clover Point Park

Clover Point Park is a real treasure. There are historical attractions and great views, along with plenty of wide open spaces. There are some nice views out to the water as well.

Blenkinsop Valley Adventure Golf

The best miniature golf in Victoria can be found at Blenkinsop Valley Adventure Golf. The course is impressively designed and decorated. It’s entirely unique too with tons of eye catching and fun to play holes.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Thanks to an active food scene powered by a wide variety of food vendors, Fisherman’s Wharf is a great lunch spot. After experiencing the food though, there’s a lot more to this excellent attraction. Walk along the wharf and view the colorful floating homes. Fisherman’s Wharf is also home to some great shopping opportunities.

Victoria Hippo Tours

Ever want to tour a city but don’t know which tour to take? Should you tour by land or tour out on the water. Step aboard for a Victoria Hippo Tour and you don’t have to decide. This unique amphibious bus will guide you on a tour of the city by street, then head down to the water and take you on a tour of the local waterfront. Everyone will love their time on a Victoria Hippo!

IMAX Victoria

The movie screen is six stories tall and the feeling you get sitting there in front of it is humbling and impressive. Watching a film at the Victoria IMAX, located at the Royal BC Museum, is a unique experience that all ages will love. The selection of movies also can make it education too and the little ones won’t even notice.

Miniature World

Miniature World is a very cool atraction that welcomes you in to see a surprising amount of things. The extensiveness of the attraction and the time it must have taken to make everything will strike you almost immediately. This is another Victoria attraction that adds to the uniqueness of the city. There’s something different around every corner.

Whale Watching

Victoria offers a number of incredible whale watching experiences. With departure points from several places in the city, it’s always convenient too. Getting out on the open water on boats of all sizes is fun all by itself. Add on the chance to see some of the world’s most impressive creatures and it makes the decision to go whale watching while visiting Victoria a no-brainer.

WildPlay Elements Park

For a thrilling experience in a beautiful natural area around Victoria, head to WildPlay Elements Park. This park features rope climbs, forest canopy walks, and the best part… ziplines! Kids and adults will both like zipping through the forest while being suspended safely above the ground. This is one of those experiences that will be remembered forever.

Victoria Bug Zoo

The Victoria Bug Zoo is another of the traditional tourist stops in Victoria. Kids will really like this small museum devoted to some of the smallest creatures on Earth. You not only get a chance to look at some great examples from the insect world, but you can actually get a chance to hold them as well. This is really something else.

A Place To Stay

It’s hard to have a great time in Victoria if you’re not spending the night. One of the nicest, and we mean that, places to stay in Victoria is the Oak Bay Beach Hotel. This is a truly special place with a lot to offer the entire family.

Oak Bay Beach Hotel

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