Three Great Places To Eat In Concrete, Washington

If you’re coming from the west towards the North Cascades, Concrete is a small town that is like the gateway to the high mountains of the Northern Washington. And if you’re coming from the east it’s a nice place to stop and get your bearings on your way out of the mountains. Either way, when you hit Concrete, you may be needing a bite to eat.

Here’s a look at three great places to eat in Concrete, Washington.

Concrete Washington - Annies Pizza Station

Annie’s Pizza Station

Annie’s Pizza Station is a friendly little restaurant that offers not only tasty food but a nice atmosphere. The pizza is awesome and this is a true local favorite. You can’t go wrong at Annie’s Pizza Station.

Concrete Washington - 5bs Bakery

5b’s Bakery

5b’s Bakery is more than just a breakfast spot, though it is that for sure. Whether you’re stopping there for a cinnamon roll in the morning or soup and sandwiches for luch, you’re sure to love what they have to offer. The toughest part about going there is resisting the urge to only eat there and nowhere else during your time in the area.

Concrete Washington - Cascade Burgers

Cascade Burgers

Cascade Burgers has a very cool 1950’s theme or look to it that most people find very welcoming. There’s interesting decor up on the walls and a lot of attention to detail throughout. The food matches that experience too as it’s very memorable and it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular place.

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner are all possible in small town of Concrete, Washington. It’s a great little community whether you’re on your way through the area or are stopping and staying there for a few days or longer.