It’s Wolffy’s Hamburgers In Spokane For A Great Burger

wolffys hamburgers

Located on the corner of Hamilton and Sharp, and touching the Gonzaga University campus, Wolffy’s Hamburgers is one of the most popular local fast food places in all of Spokane. This is for a very good reason too, the food there is just exceptional.

Whether you’re in the mood for a grilled cheese sandwich, french fries, hot dogs, or their famous hamburgers, you are almost guaranteed to be satisfied. This is fast food that tastes a lot more like real food than what you find at a standard chain fast food restaurant. It is widely known as home to one of the best burgers in town.

Another thing that makes Wolffy’s such a great place to stop is the friendly staff. This is very much an old time hangout and we were treated politely and as if our business mattered. The facility is small and it is really kind of fun to watch the fast paced work take place there. Watching multiple workers getting in and out of the serving area is almost like watching a choreographed dance.

Another important thing, especially these days, is that once you’ve eaten your great tasting meal at Wolffy’s, you’ll find that it was very affordable.

Great food. Great service. Great price.

It’s hard to come away from a meal from Wolffy’s Hamburgers, whether eaten there or taken home, and even think about being disappointed.