Eat At The Crab Pot On The Seattle Waterfront


The Seattle Waterfront is one of the city’s top attractions. When you go there with your family you can find a comfortable spot to sit and watch the comings and goings on the water of Puget Sound. You can do some great shopping at a wealth of great shops, boutiques, and businesses. You can visit an aquarium, arcade, or even ride on the famous Seattle Great Wheel. While you are at the Seattle Waterfront though, you will also want to make sure and get a bite to eat.

Walking along the Seattle Waterfront, you’ll pass by a number of stands where you can get a tasty treat, or even a full meal, and keep on walking. What you’ll want to look for there though is the opportunity to soak in the atmosphere by eating at one of the great local eating establishments. One of the best, and one that sits right on the water, is The Crab Pot.

The Crab Pot is home to friendly servers and beautiful decor. It also has one of the best views out onto the water, either from inside the restaurant or out on the deck, of any eating establishment on the waterfront. The Crab Pot’s biggest draw though is the delicious food that is served there.

Both from its name and its location, you’d expect The Crab Pot to offer a healthy amount of seafood options, and you’d be right. The seafood is extremely fresh and is cooked in a knowledgeable way so that the best meal possible is created. You and your family will be able to order almost anything you can imagine in terms of stuff caught right out of water you can see from the restaurant. The Crab Pot also specializes in other regional dishes too. If there are members of your family who are not fans of seafood, The Crab Pot can take care of them too as there is a long list of alternatives to pick from.

For a special treat, your family will love the opportunity to dine on one of The Crab Pot’s specialties, the Seafeast.

When you’ve ordered a Seafeast for your table, it will be covered by butcher paper and then a kettle featuring a variety of great seafood will just be poured out right in front of everyone. There will be king crab, mussels, corn on the cob, sausage, shrimp, steamed clams, red potatoes, and more all mixed together in one big pile that everyone can just dive into for a real hands-on meal.

Eating out at The Crab Pot can be one of the best dining experiences your family has while on the Seattle Waterfront… and that is really saying something.

Check out this awesome restaurant online: The Crab Pot – Seattle Waterfront