Eat at Sky City at the Top of the Space Needle!

Space Needle - Sky City

Seattle welcomes millions of travelers each and every year. That’s for a good reason too, with the long list of things to do and see in and around the city, it’s easy to see why so many people keep coming back over and over. Seattle really does have a way of satisfying travelers of all ages with tons of things to do, including everything from going to a traveling stage production to visiting the internationally acclaimed zoo found there. You cannot go wrong by choosing to take a family vacation to the incredible city of Seattle.

One of the necessary things you need to plan for when traveling is eating out. Picking an unforgettable restaurant can help add to the enjoyment level everyone has for the destination you’ve picked for them. Seattle is filled with great restaurants to choose from, many offering great tastes right from the local water.

One of the most distinctive restaurants you could take your family out to while visiting Seattle is Sky City. Sky City has a friendly atmosphere, thanks not only to the top notch staff that work there, but also thanks to the incredible structure that houses the restaurant.

Sky City offers a wide variety of dishes from its predominantly Pacific Northwest cuisine menu. The food is made from top quality ingredients and by skilled cooks. What comes out to the table is without a doubt some of the best food you can get in the city.

Seattle Space Needle

What the restaurant really has going for it though, especially if you are taking kids out to eat with you, is the fact that it is located up at the top of the Space Needle. The view from there while eating your meal is amazing. You’ll be able to see the entire layout of the city, the mountains to the east, and of course out over the water to the west. For a special extra, the restaurant actually rotates completely around in just under an hour so no matter where you are sitting you are sure to see a changing view.

When your meal is done, you can also venture out to the observation deck and get an even better look at the view you’re being treated to. This turns your trip to Sky City from a simple effort to get a meal into going to one of Seattle’s top tourist attractions.

Check out Sky City online and learn about eating out at the top of the Space Needle: Sky City