The Chrysalis Inn & Spa in Bellingham, Washington

You can treat yourself and your family to an out-of-this-world overnight experience when you stay at the Chrysalis Inn and Spa in Bellingham, Washington.

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Bellingham is a fun destination for families. It offers you chances to get out on the water, head up into the mountains, travel south towards the Seattle area, or north into Vancouver and the rest of British Columbia. You can also have a great time just staying right there and discovering all the fun attractions and interesting things to do right inside the city limits of Bellingham.

That stay you’ve already booked at the Chrysalis Inn and Spa though is what’s really going to make your trip stand out. This is an amazing facility that really pays a lot of attention to details. The staff is friendly and helpful, your room will be one of the best you’ve ever stayed in, and the hotel is filled with all kinds of extra amenities that both adults and children will love.

chrysalis inn

You’ll also love the surroundings of the hotel. You’re right on the water and getting out and walking on the waterfront path will lead you past beautiful scenery as well as give you and your family an opportunity to see all kinds of boats. This waterfront area is one of the best parts of the Bellingham vicinity. The hotel is located in the Fairhaven part of the city and this gives you the opportunity to get out and embrace the local culture as you hunt down the perfect place to eat or the fun shopping opportunity that’s waiting for you there.

You can also have a great time just staying back at the Chrysalis Inn and Spa. Head down to the ground floor and sit out in one of the public seating areas and enjoy the view, book a spa package while the kids are busy having fun, get a workout in, or do a whole host of other activities. Or just stay in your room, enjoy the view out your window, take advantage of the internet or cable television package, or even just sink into the soaking tub and relax.

Bellingham is a fun destination both for what it offers as well as all the things that it’s close to. Make your trip the best it can be with a stay at the Chrysalis Inn and Spa.

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