Five Great Reasons To Stay At Winthrop’s Hotel Rio Vista

Winthrop on the Cascade Loop
When traveling the North Cascades Highway or the Cascade Loop, there are a lot of great little places to experience. One of the more fun towns to stop at is Winthrop in the Methow Valley on the eastern slopes of the North Cascades.

Winthrop is an old west themed town that kids and adults both end up loving. It has a long list of things to do both within it and around it. One of the best ways to maximize your fun there is to stay at the Hotel Rio Vista. It really does offer a very nice stay.

Here are five great reasons to stay at the Hotel Rio Vista in Winthrop:

NWFamilyTravel Hotel Rio Vista Riverfront

The Look And Feel

The Hotel Rio Vista, like the rest of Winthrop is decorated and designed right out of the Old West. From the entrance right up into your room, you’ll get the feel of a very modern and comfortable version of this period of American history. This definitely adds to the experience, especially since it’s an entirely unique thing that can’t be found in many other destinations.

Privacy And The View

One of the best features of the rooms in the Hotel Rio Vista is the deck that every room comes with. This private deck leads out to a view over the confluence of the Methow and Chewuch rivers right out in front of the hotel. Yes, you read that right, every room has its own personal and private viewpoint over the river that flows right by.

NWFamilyTravel Hotel Rio Vista View

The Location!

One of the top reasons that the Hotel Rio Vista is a great place to spend the night in Winthrop is its location. Winthrop is a small town that features a great list of restaurants, bars, stores, and attractions. All of them are within an easy walk of the Hotel Rio Vista which is located right on the eastern end of Winthrop’s downtown section.

The Town!

The town that the Hotel Rio Vista is situated in is definitely one of the best reasons to stay there. On most weekends it’s possible to find some really good live music to listen to. There are several great restaurants that offer great family dining experiences. The local museum does a great job of detailing the history of the area. There are several drives available that will lead you up into the mountains where you can truly get away from it all. It isn’t uncommon for local wildlife to come wandering right down the streets of Winthrop too. A visit there can be a great memory maker.

That Hot Tub!

The hot tub at the Hotel Rio Vista is something else. I mean, a hot tub is a hot tub, right? Not here. Their hot tub is positioned to give you a great view of the river passing right by the hotel. This is definitely a hot tub worth making use of!

NWFamilyTravel Hotel Rio Vista Hot Tub

Winthrop is a fun destination for the whole family. There is so much to do and see there, both within the city limits as well as out and about from there. Staying at the Hotel Rio Vista is the perfect way to make the most of a stay there.

NWFamilyTravel Hotel Rio Vista Room