Campbell’s Resort on Lake Chelan for a Great Family Vacation

It’s lots of fun to find a great family getaway location that no one knows about. And the Pacific Northwest has plenty of chances for you to do just that. Sometimes though, it’s nice to just head to one of the tried and true destinations that always offers a good time. Most places are popular for a very good reason. Because they offer a fantastic experience.

One of the more popular getaways in the northwest is Lake Chelan in North Central Washington. This 50 mile long lake features just a few small communities on its shores, the primary one being the community of Chelan. Chelan is home to some wonderful vacation experiences including wine tours, skiing opportunities, golfing, snowmobiling, shopping in the town’s small shops, and more. You can also get out on the water of Lake Chelan and enjoy boating, water skiing, fishing, kayaking, and more. Chelan really is the kind of family vacation destination that you can trust to provide you and everyone in your family with a truly fun experience..

When you visit Lake Chelan, you’re going to need a place to stay that contributes to your experience. One of the best places to stay at in the Lake Chelan area is Campbell’s Resort.

Campbells Resort 1

Campbell’s Resort is known locally as one of the go-to accommodations when friends and family come for a visit. You’ll even find many people local to the region staying there to enjoy all that it offers. Campbell’s Resort is located both right on the shore of the lake as well as right in Downtown Chelan. This makes it doubly family friendly. You’ll have direct access to the water and the long private beach. You’ll also be able to head into town to go shopping or explore the local shops very easily too.

Campbells Resort 6

Campbell’s Resort offers all kinds of accommodations including everything from single King studio units to cabins and high end suites. They are sure to have the exact room type that you need. You’ll love the rooms too as they are decorated in a very northwest style. You can trust that they are clean and the staff is extremely helpful and reliable.

Campbells Resort 2

Campbell’s Resort has a long list of features that people love too, including two swimming pools, two hot tubs, hundreds of feet of private beach, eight acres of landscaped area, a day spa, docks for both swimming out to as well as boat moorage, and a beach bar. This is the kind of resort that you don’t have to leave to have a good vacation stay. There’s plenty to do right there on the Campbell’s Resort property.

Campbells Resort 7

With reservations at Campbell’s Resort, you’re sure to be setting yourself up for a great family vacation.

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