Three Great Animal Attractions in the Seattle Area

Aquarium Seattle

If you’re traveling with kids the way we do, you know that there are certain attractions that have a better chance of grabbing the attention of your children. One of the go-to attraction types that we know to visit when traveling with our kids is anything that has to do with animals. Seattle is a fun city and it and the surrounding area have some great animal attractions.

Here are three can’t-miss animal attractions to check out if you head there:

Visit The Seattle Aquarium

One of the best experiences available for kids is the aquarium Seattle has to offer right on the waterfront. This is a special attraction that not only entertains kids with all the different species of marine life, but also teaches them a great deal too. Our kids loved being able to touch starfish and stingray in touch tanks very close to the entryway. Other species that can be seen at the aquarium Seattle is famous for include otters, jelly fish, seals, sea birds, salmon, octopus, and more. You cannot go wrong with a visit to the Seattle Aquarium.

Visit Woodland Park Zoo Seattle

Woodland Park Zoo remains one of the top draws for families coming to Seattle year in and year out. The main reason for this is that it can really entertain a family for the bulk of a whole day. Anyone looking to visit Woodland Park Seattle should do so anytime they find themselves in the area. Our kids loved the different kind of bears that were there, especially the grizzly and red panda. Other favorites were the arctic fox, orangutans, giraffe, and the elk. One of the animals that captured their attention was the sloth bear. After seeing the animals, we even had an awesome late lunch at the Rain Forest Food Pavilion. Then on the way out, an impromptu chance at holding a couple of snakes happened right along the path. The amazed look on the faces of the little ones was totally worth the admission price. A visit to Woodland Park Seattle is an excellent way to have a great time in this great city.

Olympic Game Farm

The Olympic Game Farm is another of the many great animal attractions in the Seattle area. This is an attraction located a little ways away from the city and to get there you have to take the ferry across Puget Sound and then drive about an hour. It’s located in the town of Sequim and is totally worth the extra effort. Near the entrance to this awesome Sequim game farm is a small petting zoo and historic barn. Taking the barn tour will show off the game farm’s history in the world of nature movies, including close ties to none other than the Walt Disney Company. The big part of going to the Olympic Game Farm though is the driving tour. As you proceed through the gates, armed with wheat bread you can bring with you or purchase from the ticket takers, you’ll immediately notice some very cool animals just walking along the road you’re driving on. This Sequim animal park is home to a wide variety of animals like zebra, lynx, llama, emu, Roosevelt elk, coyote, sika deer, spotted fallow deer, peacock, raccoon, European fallow deer, yak, prairie dog, and American bison. One of the most popular animals there are the American black bears. Driving by a pen featuring a bear waving right at you, in the hopes of getting some yummy bread thrown its way, sent my daughter over the moon. The entire attraction was well worth the admission price and both kids loved it so much they wanted souvenirs to take home. The Olympic Game Farm is truly a great family attraction.