Three Fun Things To Stop and See In Concrete, Washington

The town of Concrete is located in the upper Skagit Valley, west of North Cascades National Park. This little community is both scenic and rural, offering glimpses of great natural attractions as well as having a relaxed atmosphere. Here is a look at just three fun things to see when you visit Concrete, Washington

Baker River Upstream Fish Trap Visitors Center

Concrete Washington
The Baker River Upstream Fish Trap Visitors Center welcomes you in for a very informative visit. The fish trap there is designed to gather migrating fish and then physically transport them up to Baker Lake for release. The key element in the visitor center is the huge raised relief map of the the entire region. It shows the local communities, lakes, creeks, rivers, mountain peaks, valleys, and more. Outside, you can look at the actual fish trap itself and the historic Henry Thompson Bridge behind it.

Concrete Silos

Concrete Washington
One of the iconic sights to see in Concrete is known as Silo Park on the west end of town and is home to the famous “Welcome to Concrete” silos. This makes a great background to a fantastic photo taking opportunity. It’s quite something to see up close and in person too. It really is a huge and impressive structure.

Ovenell’s Heritage Inn

Concrete - Ovenells Heritage Inn
Located on the opposite side of the Skagit River from the town of Concrete is Ovenell’s Heritage Inn. This awesome working farm is home to local wildlife, scenic river and pasture areas, and of course a pleasant farm atmosphere. It’s also home to vacation cabins and guest houses that offer you the perfect way to experience the Concrete area. An overnight stay at Ovenell’s Heritage Inn is something you won’t soon forget.

As you can see, the tiny town of Concrete can offer some great fun. It’s a great location for stopping overnight on your journey across the North Cascades Highway or around the Cascade Loop. It’s also a great place to stop and spend a long weekend or more too.