Five Great Ways To Get Out On The Water On Orcas Island


Orcas Island has been attracting families to it for generations. This convenient to reach island getaway makes it easy to visit, hard to leave, and gives you a feeling that you truly have finally gotten away from it all. There are a lot of things to see when you’re on the island, including small communities and villages, fun filled state parks, incredible scenic viewpoints, and more. It would be a shame though to go to Orcas Island and not be active though. There are so many ways to get out and enjoy the great outdoors there. Especially since Orcas Island is known by many as a great place to go to get out on the water.

Here are five great ways to get out on the water when you visit Orcas Island.

Ride The Washington State Ferries

You can get to Orcas Island by seaplane and private boat. The most popular way to arrive and depart though is also one of the top ways to enjoy the water there. When you ride on one of the Washington State Ferries that services the San Juan Islands you get treated to a fun and stress free trip across the water, beautiful views along your way, and an enjoyable ride on a huge ferry that is part of the largest ferry system in the United States. It’s a lot of fun to travel in comfort aboard a Washington State Ferry.

Go Ocean Kayaking

If you’re looking for a very personal way to get out and enjoy the water that surrounds Orcas Island, going kayaking could be just for you. When you bring your kayaks with you to the islands you have the freedom to launch from almost anywhere and take a peek at all sorts of great scenery. You can also rent kayaks in a number of places on Orcas Island and not even have to mess with the chore of packing yours along. Either way, getting out on the water in a kayak while visiting the island makes for a very intimate ocean experience you just can’t get on a larger boat.

Go On A Charter Fishing Trip

If you love fishing, there’s probably no better way to experience the water on an Orcas Island vacation than to go on a charter fishing trip. Charter fishing trips can be booked from several different marinas on the island. You can go as part of a group with several other travelers also visiting at the same time. If you have a large group, you can also charter the whole boat for yourselves. The experienced guides and captains that will take you out on the water know exactly where to go too. This is one of the most memorable ways to get out on the water while on Orcas Island.

Go Sailing

There is probably no more romantic way to get out on the water around Orcas Island than by booking a trip on one of the many sailboats you can hire there. A sailboat adventure takes you swiftly across the surface of the water with the wind at your backs. When you book your sailboat excursion you’ll have quite the choices of boats to pick from, services to use, and even types of trips to take. Take a trip for two, a family adventure, or a dinner excursion. It’s all up to you how you spend your time when you’re on one of the many amazing sailboat experiences just waiting on Orcas Island.

Go Whale Watching

Whales are some of the most majestic mammals on all of planet Earth. They are amazing to see on television, online, and in magazines. Multiply that experience by about one hundred and you’ll begin to understand what it’s like to see those same creatures in real life. Orcas Island offers a number of fun filled opportunities to go whale watching. This is the perfect adventure to book for families with kids of all ages. With any luck at all you’ll be sure to see some incredible marine life out on the waters around the island. Plus, the fun you’ll have just out on a boating trip around Orcas Island is something you’ll remember for a very long time. Going whale watching just may be the thing you’ll love most about your Orcas Island vacation.

Don’t Forget A Place To Stay!

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