The Impressive Siletz Bay Lodge in Lincoln City, Oregon

Lincoln City Siletz Bay Lodge

When it comes to a Pacific Northwest beach vacation, it is hard to argue against the Oregon Coast.

The Oregon Coast is home to miles of sandy beaches, beautiful rugged rock formations, and lots of small vacation getaways just waiting for a family like yours. There are a lot of popular destinations to sort through too. One of the tried and true destinations is Lincoln City, about halfway down the coastline.

Lincoln City is home to many great beach areas, wide and long, with plenty of room for the travelers who go there. You can get out and walk for miles, spend time in just one spot, or drive up and down the coast from there trying out a number of different options. Lincoln City is also home to Devils Lake where you can rent boats of all sorts. There are art studios, shops, parks, museums, and even a casino to check out when you go there.

Lincoln City View

For a place to stay, the Siletz Bay Lodge is an awesome choice. This is a unique property in that it is extremely easy to get out to the ocean facing beach from it, but it sits on tiny Siletz Bay. This gives it a tucked away kind of feel and also opens up the calmer bay water as a place to play and explore. The lodge is also located right off the main road in the area and there are plenty of eating and shopping resources right next to it.

The lodge is very up to date, clean, and inviting. A lot of people make return trips there with their families and that is a good sign as well. The rooms are clean and come with both a microwave and refrigerator, as well as free Wi-Fi internet. With a full breakfast in the morning and a hot tub for those late night soaks, the Siletz Bay Lodge really sets itself apart as a quality destination.

Check out the Siletz Bay Lodge for yourself: Siletz Bay Lodge – Lincoln City, Oregon