Three Great State Parks Near Cannon Beach, Oregon

Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach

There are a lot of reasons to travel to Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast. It has some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire Pacific Northwest. It also is home to a great selection of lodging, restaurant, and shopping options. If you’re an active traveler, you’ll also appreciate all of the outdoor recreation that can take place there. Another very valuable trait that you can take advantage of when you visit Cannon Beach is the amount of natural spaces and park settings that are either there or within a quick and easy drive.

With that in mind, here is a look at just three of the great state parks you can visit when you travel to Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Ecola State Park

Ecola State Park is located just to the north of Cannon Beach and is very large with plenty of room to entertain and satisfy all who go there. This is one of the keystone parks of the Oregon State Parks system and one that many people come back to again and again when they visit the Oregon Coast. Ecola State Park offers thick forests that can be explored by hiking trail, great viewpoints perfect for viewing and photographing the amazing ocean scenery from, and plenty of opportunities to do what most people really want to do when they come to the Oregon Coast, get out on the beach. The park sits in between the popular getaways of Seaside and Cannon Beach and wraps around Tillamook Head, covering nine miles of coastline. The historical interpretive trail is a particular favorite for first time visitors to the park. The views from the high cliffs are truly amazing and something that really have to be seen. Taking a family trip to Ecola State Park while visiting the Oregon Coast is a great idea.

Del Rey Beach State Recreation Site

Del Rey Beach State Recreation Site is located just north of Cannon Beach in the community of Gearhart. This state recreation site offers a long and straight section of beach with deep powder sands and is surprisingly uncrowded on most days. The beach is wide there and offers plenty of room for everyone. This is the place to go if you want to settle in for a long stay out on the beach. If you really want to stretch your legs you can even walk further south to Gearhart Ocean State Park which also has nice beach space and sits right where the Necancicum River flows into the Pacific Ocean. Del Rey Beach State Recreation Site is the perfect place for a family to have an awesome time on the beaches of the Oregon Coast.

Hug Point State Recreation Site

Sitting just five miles south of Cannon Beach, Hug Point State Recreation Site is another of the many beautiful coastal state parks Oregon has to offer. This is a small state park, but again it offers some great opportunities to get out on the sandy beaches that are typical of this part of the state. From the parking lot, navigate your way down one of the trails through the Sitka Spruce and ferns to the beach itself. Once there, you’ll have miles of coastline north and south from which to explore. Just to the north of where you come out on the beach you’ll find a small seasonal waterfall and a wonderful tidepool area to explore for treasures during low tide. There are also some small caves and rock formations worth seeing, exploring, and photographing there too. A lot of fun can be had with a stop at Hug Point State Recreation Site.

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