Five Family Friendly Things To See In The Dalles, Oregon Area

The Dalles Dam

The Dalles sits on the shores of the Columbia River, on the Oregon side of the border the state shares with Washington. This is a very pretty area of Oregon, located on the eastern end of the Columbia River Gorge. While the Dalles is a friendly little community, it’s strength is that it’s located very near to a number of family friendly attractions.

Here are just five of the great family friendly things there are to see when you visit The Dalles, Oregon.

The Dalles Dam

The Dalles Dam is one of the many impressive hydroelectric dams on the Columbia River. These are vital for power production and flood control. They’re also excellent places to visit, and even very educational. There’s a nice little visitor center here and several great viewpoints or spots to bring a picnic lunch.

Fort Dalles Museum

There is no better way to learn about the history of the place you’re visiting than with a stop at the Fort Dalles Museum and Anderson Homestead. As you walk around and see the historic buildings there, it’s easy for you and your kids to get a good look at what early life in the area must’ve been like. A stop at the Fort Dalles Museum and Anderson Homestead can be one of the best parts of your choice to visit The Dalles.

Wonderworks Children’s Museum of the Gorge

If you’re traveling with small children, then a visit to Wonderworks Children’s Museum of the Gorge is an absolute must. Here you’ll find tons of ways for the little ones to burn off some energy and have a great time. Their imaginations will be captured by what they find there. There are dinosaur exhibits, slides, arts and crafts opportunities, and of course dress-up! Small children can’t help but have a great time at Wonderworks Children’s Museum of the Gorge.

Riverfront Trail

One of the nicest ways to take in the views in The Dalles, as well as see a number of different parts of the community is to get out on the Riverfront Trail. This paved trail stretches for roughly ten miles and is perfect for walking, bicycling, jogging, and more. It begins in the east at The Dalles Dam visitor center and follows mostly along the Columbia River shore all the way to the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Museum. Whether wanting to stretch your legs or see more of The Dalles, the Riverfront Trail is perfect.

Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Museum

If you’re using The Dalles as a base of operations to go west and explore the Columbia River Gorge, then an essential place to stop first is the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Museum. The is a top notch museum that focuses intently on giving the history of the spectacular gorge. Here you’ll learn about everything from when Lewis & Clark traveled this way to the subsequent settlement of the area. You’ll even learn about the natural history of the gorge and how certain features were formed. This is a museum experience that’s perfect for the whole family.

Spend the Night in the Dalles

Rowena Getaway

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