Eugene, Oregon – Home Of The Great Science Factory!

Eugene - Science Factory

The city of Eugene is located at the south end of the Willamette Valley. It sits about 50 miles inland from the Oregon Coast. The Oregon Coast is a vacation attraction that appeals to thousands of people each and every year. The city of Eugene though is a worthwhile stop inalnd too.

When combing through Eugene for a great family attraction, one option truly stands out. The Science Factory in Eugene has been attracting kids for many years. It even has a way of entertaining the rest of the family who comes along too.

The Science Factory was founded way back in 1961 when it was established as a branch of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Over the years, this great family attraction has prided itself in how it has stirred thousands of youngsters into an excitement for science, humanity, and technology. Many local children end up returning again and again to have the time of their lives while also learning a great deal.

While the Science Factory appeals to everyone, it is especially a treat for younger kids. The museum is centered around an interactive experience for those who come through the door. They really know how to treat the curious mind. The staff is very friendly and they really help to make your entire stay there fun.

The Science Factory sits in a nice park setting and though it appears small in size, it is jam packed with fun exhibits and plenty to do. If you’re traveling to or through the Eugene area and have your kids with you, this is a great place to stop and spend some time.

Check out this excellent family attraction online: The Science Factory