Crater Lake Is A Wonderful Family Destination

Crater Lake

There are a lot of wonderful places to visit in the Pacific Northwest. From popular urban attractions to beautiful outdoor scenic locales, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Western Montana are filled with incredible places to go.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous scenic location, one of the best available in the region is Crater Lake in Southern Oregon. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States of America at 1,943 feet. It sits at the top of a dormant volcano known as Mount Mazama. After a massive eruption, the top was blown off, and over centuries the crater filled with water. It was a special place to Native Americans in the the region and a unique discovery by those who came after them. In 1902, it was founded as Crater Lake National Park.

The drive to Crater Lake, regardless of what direction you’re coming from, is outstanding. You’ll either be going through the forests of the Cascade Mountains, the desert of Eastern Oregon, or the scenic beauty of the Oregon Coast.

Once you’re there, the first stop is the Crater Lake Lodge. There, you and the family will be treated to a great historic lodge to explore, a fun gift shop to browse through, and a couple of options for getting a bite to eat. Outside, you’ll find some great viewpoints that give you a wonderful view of the lake and the rim of the crater. Wizard Island juts up out of the water and is a soil and pine tree covered dormant cinder cone that is a great subject for photography.

One of the real gems of Crater Lake though is the highway that circumnavigates the entire rim of the top of the volcanic crater. There are a lot of great places to stop as you drive around this one of a kind attraction. You can even venture down from the rim and take a tour of the lake by boat. If you have the time, you and the whole family can even disembark and explore Wizard Island on foot.

Leaving Crater Lake, you and the entire family will know you really just experienced something special. This is a place that people have trekked to see for hundreds of years. It really is something that anyone living in the Pacific Northwest should see first hand for themselves.

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