3 Little Known Kid Friendly Attractions In Portland, Oregon

Portland From Hotel

Portland is a fun town that is known for its museums, microbreweries, bookstores, and more. It’s also a great place to take the whole family. Finding a great kid friendly attraction can be a lot of work sometimes. Here are three that are a little less known than most.

Mount Tabor

Located right smack in the middle of Portland is Mount Tabor. Dwarfed by Mount Hood in the distance, Mount Tabor looks like a rolling hill but is really a dormant volcanic vent and it sits right in the middle of a residential area. Driving up to the top of the mountain gets you to Mt. Tabor Park which is home to three historic reservoirs, a statue done by Gutzon Borglum who is known as the main sculptor of Mount Rushmore, a playground, and some really fun urban forested area.

Voodoo Doughnut

Kids love sweets. But be honest, so do a lot of us adults. A special place to take kids to in Portland is Voodoo Doughnut. This place features some of the most creative and tasty doughnuts you could ever find. They have to have well over 50 different kids to pick from too. Your kids will want one to eat now and at least one to take home.

Sauvie Island

Located just ten miles north of Portland, and right on the Columbia River, is Sauvie Island. The northern part of the island is a wildlife refuge with different access points where you and the kids can find trails to explore the local scenery. There are several different beach areas that provide easy access to the water of the Columbia River. The southern portion of the island is rural in nature and there are opportunities to go berry picking, as well as hunting through pumpkin patches in the fall. It’s very easy to spend the bulk of a day out on Sauvie Island.