The Old Montana Prison is a Must Visit Off of I-90

Old Montana Prison

Driving across Montana is a real northwest experience. You’ll pass through thick forests, drive past raging rivers, and climb and descend over rugged mountain ranges. Along the way, you’ll see great scenery and get the chance to stop off at interesting and fun communities.

There are also some great tourist attractions along the way too. One of the best historical sites in Western Montana is located right off of I-90, the Old Montana Prison.

The Old Montana Prison is located in Deer Lodge and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The best part is that it is open to the public for tours. You and the whole family can see what a real old west prison looks like. It went into operation for the first time in 1871 and served as a prison all the way into the 1970s. Along the way, some infamous prisoners were held there. Your tour will take you right into the very cells where these men were held. There are some tremendous photo taking opportunities there too.

The buildings that make up the Old Montana Prison are amazingly preserved. The turrets still stand, the cells are open and waiting for you, and the yard remains in the condition it was during operation. You really can get a feel for what an old time American prison was like.

The Old Montana Prison also houses a great collection of artifacts dating back through its years of operation. You’ll see every day items that were altered by prisoners to become lethal weapons. You’ll also see weapons, uniforms, and other items related to the men who guarded these prisoners. This is a real opportunity for you and the whole family to see this kind of history up close and in person.

Stopping off at the Old Montana Prison makes for a great planned visit, as well as a nice break from a long drive. There are also other local attractions right near it that you can add on to make your stop there even better. The Old Montana Prison though is more than enough all by itself to interest any traveler lucky enough to stop there. It really is a top historical attraction and a place anyone visiting the area should attempt to see.

Check out the Old Montana Prison online: Old Montana Prison – Deer Lodge, Montana